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President, Outwater Hardware Corporation

"Our relationship with Chadler Solutions spans over 20 years and throughout this period, our many experiences have been extremely positive. Every year our lead agent, Mike Boggio, and his team work diligently to find policies that bestfit our needs at a budget we can afford. Throughout the annual process of reviewing options and companies, Mike and his staff are always very professional, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable regarding the services and products they offer. 

Chadler Solutions has always offered a superior, fast service with personal sensitivity to our company and employees. With their wide variety of product offerings, we have learned that they always seek to provide us with the highest-quality product at a competitive premium – working tirelessly to keep our premium costs down. When we perform our due diligence with annual pricing cross-checks, they are consistently lower in price while offering policy advantages that surpass their competitors. 

In addition, they often function as a true HR partner, saving us countless hours of administrative work and providing an invaluable resource. Thank you for your service to our company over the past two decades."


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