Loss Control

Chadler Solutions offers loss control as part of its business insurance offerings. This risk management technique is designed to reduce the possibility of a loss and reduce the severity if a loss does occur.

These policies are sometimes referred to as risk control or safety. Through the Acrisure network, we can offer a wide range of loss control initiatives to help our customers reduce the likelihood of claims and any potential payout.

Focus on creating a culture of safety to minimize workers comp claims…again looking to be that full service support/advisor instead of just selling policies. Paul Bragenzer is the in-house Acrisure resource for content. There are several loss and safety blogs along with a safety guide in the Acrisure Resource Center you can use to gather more supporting details.

Available Programs

  • Drivers Training Programs
  • Sprinkler Systems Safety Programs
  • Ergonomics Education
  • OSHA Training

A short list of example coverage is included above, but we don’t stop there. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and our extensive capabilities.

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