Cost Control & Plan Design

Employer Advocate Advantage™

Chadler Solutions’ unique approach to plan design and management helps employers and participants control employee benefit costs.

In this era of increasing economic and regulatory pressure are you looking for expert guidance on cost containment and risk mitigation? At Chadler Solutions we recognize that managing the costs associated with your employee benefits program is likely your biggest challenge. With this in mind, we are passionate about working with your insurance carriers and vendors to squeeze every possible dollar of value out of your benefits budget. We utilize our considerable technical expertise, market clout and bare knuckle tenacity to negotiate on your behalf. This approach achieves desired outcomes. Don’t agree to pay the insurance carriers more than you absolutely need to. Let the professionals at Chadler Solutions negotiate your next renewal.

A New Way of Looking at Benefits

At the heart of Employer Advocate Advantage™ is our powerful internal data collection and analysis process, leading to a deeper understanding of how you and your participants use benefits. We capture this data through our “discovery workshop”, offering best-in-class benefits administration technology and our in-house employee advocacy, Helpdesk. The result is a customer experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Putting your Benefit Intelligence to Work

The key to the Employer Advocate Advantage™ is our ability to develop a deeper understanding of your organization and plan participants and share that knowledge to match it with our overall capabilities. Our approach relies on a perpetual 360-degree view that continuously evolves and refines over time. We’ll activate your benefits intelligence in ongoing collaboration with you to find the right balance between products, tools, services and costs.

Our comprehensive benefits strategy includes:

  • Cost Control and Plan Design
  • Benefits Administration Support
  • Employee Education and Advocacy
  • Regulatory Compliance Oversight
  • Annual Renewals and Multiyear Planning
  • HR Advocacy
  • Wellness & Employee Engagement

Benefits Admin & Technology
Need better control over enrollment and ongoing benefit program administration?

Plan Administration Support Services
Chadler Solutions can handle part of or all of your benefits administration.

Private Insurance Exchanges


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