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Need better control over enrollment and ongoing benefit program administration?

HR departments are often overwhelmed with multiple priorities, demanding deadlines and interruptions from employees seeking assistance. Consider these factors:

  • The complexity and rate of change within the benefits industry is difficult to navigate, keep pace with and manage
  • Manual benefit processes are time consuming and often managed by a reduced HR staff
  • Benefit costs can rise when an employer lacks the resources to adequately administer the plan
  • Compliance errors or failures to file documents on time expose an organization and its officials to fines and penalties

How can you gain control over your employee benefits administration?

Chadler Solutions’ internal HR Solutions Team, employee advocacy representatives and administration support service professionals are dedicated to helping clients reduce the burdens of annual and ongoing benefits management. We help you reduce manual processes and paperwork associated with:

  • Annual enrollment
  • New hire enrollment
  • Eligibility additions
  • Terminations
  • Life event changes
  • Premium billing reports
  • Difficult to generate benefit reports

The typical HR department enters new employee data into a myriad of systems. These could potentially include:

  • Payroll
  • HRIS
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life, LTD, STD (could be 2 or 3 carriers)
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • 401k
  • Other

HR staff could be duplicating efforts, entering the same employee demographic data 7 times or more for each employee. The same situation occurs when an employee terminates.

This is just for a new hire or termination, what about annual open enrollment?

Open enrollment is hectic enough with last-minute carrier quotes, coverage options decisions, plan design changes and employee questions. Consider these factors:

  • Manual enrollment is difficult to manage, even more so when performed by a reduced HR staff
  • Missed or delayed mandatory employee communications – such as COBRA and HIPAA notices – can result in compliance audits, fines and penalties
  • Employees find benefits confusing, leading to frequent questions and interruptions to HR
  • Employees expect easy access to benefits to help them understand and manage their options

Chadler Solutions will conduct a thorough assessment of your internal systems and perform an HRIS needs analysis to match employer needs with best in class technology solutions.

Through our extensive list of strategic partners and preferred vendors we will identify a technology solution that will take into consideration your needs, goals and objectives all within your budgeting guidelines.

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