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Is handling employee coverage questions and claims issues the best use of your HR team’s time? We can make your benefits problems ours to solve.

We can resolve your employees’ benefits issues quickly and accurately with our in-house Benefit Helpdesk. Benefit Helpdesk will serve as the single point of contact for your HR staff and members who need assistance navigating benefits.

Our Benefit Helpdesk representatives are dedicated industry professionals who will operate as a true extension of your organization. They provide peace of mind with accurate resolution to inquiries and claims issues—without requiring involvement from the HR team. They also adhere to HIPAA guidelines to protect members’ privacy.

Responsive, Compassionate Service

You can hand off your employee benefits issues to our professionals with complete confidence that each inquiry will be resolved quickly. Employees’ access to their Benefit Helpdesk team is easy. They will receive attentive service from our professionals who will work on their behalf to resolve all issues—completely and accurately.

With One Call, Our Benefit Helpdesk Professionals Will Resolve Health Benefits Issues

  • They are insurance experts with an average of 18.4 years of experience in the industry.
  • They possess deep knowledge of employer-paid and voluntary benefits.
  • They deliver a 94 percent success rate in inquiry resolution within 24 hours.

Easing the Burden with Unparalleled Service

Benefit Helpdesk removes the administrative burden from your HR benefits staff. One call to your dedicated Benefit Helpdesk team resolves:

  • Claims issues
  • Coverage/service questions for all lines of business
  • Finding participating physicians
  • Pre-certifications for medical procedures/prescriptions
  • Dependent verification issues
  • ID card replacement

Benefit Helpdesk professionals quickly identify trends in caller inquires, such as incorrect carrier information that causes employees to be concerned or confused. Our professionals often spot trends before the employer realizes there is an issue, and they proactively initiate actions—such as immediate intervention with the carrier—to resolve the matter.

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