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Benchmarking Surveys

How does your employee health benefits plan stack up?

Are your company premiums above or below the norm? 

Are co-pays, deductibles, prescription drug benefits and out-of-pocket maximums for your plans in line with national averages? 

How do annual premium increases compare to other employers in your area? 

Are you implementing cost-containment strategies used by others in your industry? 

Chadler Solutions is a Charter Member of United Benefit Advisors, a consortium of the nation’s premier independent benefit advisory firms. Together, we conduct the nation’s largest and most comprehensive survey of plan design and costs. Two and a half times larger than the next three of the nation's largest surveys combined, the resulting volume of data provides employees of all sizes more detailed and therefore more meaningful regional, industry and employee size differentials. The survey report provides vital benchmark statistics on hundreds of health plan factors. This gives employees a distinct competitive edge in recruiting and retaining a superior workforce and managing healthcare costs.

Participate in our current survey and receive an executive summary of the results.

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