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Are you confident your human resources policies and practices comply with benefit and employment laws like ACA, ERISA, FMLA, COBRA, HIPAA and DOL regulations? Do you know what specific legislative requirements apply to you? How can you achieve HR goals—faster and with fewer headaches? The depth and flexibility of Chadler Solutions' HR capabilities enable us to tailor exactly the right solution for your needs—no matter how quickly they arise or change. Plus, we deliver the right fit for your budget by giving you the choice of having services billed hourly or on a project or retainer basis. 

No matter what shape your HR services take, you can count on seeing positive results. That’s because our HR professionals are also some of the most caring, ethical, accountable and experienced professionals in the field. They’re effective at working directly with employees to build morale and loyalty while maintaining a business-centric approach to traditional HR. As part of your HR team, they can step in immediately to carry out a special challenge, consult on how to handle a particular compliance issue, augment regular staff or even serve as a full-service, on-site or off-site HR department.

Here’s how we can help …

  • Assess and apply HR best practices
  • Assure employment law compliance
  • Administer benefits with a careful eye on eligibility and compliance
  • Handle employee relations and conflict management
  • Implement performance evaluation and management systems
  • Analyze and benchmark compensation practices
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies
  • Manage and execute training and management development
  • Support merger and acquisition activities
  • Administer payroll 


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“Let HR Solutions Focus on Your HR, So You Can Focus on Business." Contact us today to learn more - Phone: 973-797-0401

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